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Booking, Deposit & Payment

Focus Disco  will provide one of its ,mobile entertainment services  for your event according to the following terms and conditions.

Booking, Deposit & Payment

A deposit of £75.00 for  must be paid by via our web site to secure a booking. A booking form must be completed with the full balance becoming payable 7 days prior to  your event and prior to the hire commencing. Please note All deposits are non-refundable.

Payment by cheque is not accepted.


Any cancelled order is subject to the following cancellation charges:

Within 8 weeks prior to event 40% of order value

Within 6 weeks prior to event 50% of order value

Within 4 weeks prior to event 75% of order value

Within 2 weeks prior to event 100% of order value

Hire Time

Your mobile entertainment service  will be made available for the agreed period based on the actual usage time at the venue.

Should allocated supplies be used, the actual hire time may be reduced.

Additional hours can be purchased on the night at £100 per HR


Unless otherwise agreed, the photo booth or Magic Mirror will print one picture for your guestbook which we provide, and one copy per sitting within the photo booth or Magic Mirror.

Guests are allowed to enter the booth or Magic Mirror as many times as they wish to have their 6×4 picture, which is included in the package price..

We will endeavour to provide the supplies and equipment ordered, but the operator reserves the right to substitute supplies or equipment at any time should there be a need.

Photo Booth and Magic Mirror Set Up

It usually takes an hour to set the photo booth or Magic Mirror up and then an hour to take down and so with travelling, it can be a 7 – 8 hour event.

We ask that we are able to have a light snack from the buffet once the guests have eaten.

If this is not possible then please do let us know when booking for us to take a packed lunch.

The hirer will arrange for sufficient space to be provided in positioning the photo booth or Magic Mirror to allow safe use of the equipment by the operator and guests.

The hirer will arrange for the photo booth or Magic Mirror’s final position to be within 10m of an electrical socket of 220-240v fitted with a 13amp trip.

The Magic Mirror cannot be taken up stairs. If the location required is on a floor other than the ground floor, it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that lift access is available. We cannot be held responsible for failure to supply if no lift access is available and can not offer a refund if this is the reason for failure to supply.

Guest Behaviour

Whilst we encourage the fun use of the photo booth or Magic Mirror, if we feel that the photo booth or Magic Mirror is not being treated in a respectful manner we will ask the guest(s) to leave the booth or Magic Mirror.

We will not accept any threatening or abusive behaviour and if this occurs we will stop the use of the photo booth or Magic Mirror and dismantle the equipment without a refund.

Silent Disco Headphones

Any Loss or Damage to our silent disco headphones shall be charged at £45.00 per headset 

Technical Issues / Failure To Supply

In the unlikely event of a technical problem with the photo booth and Magic Mirror or events beyond our control a refund will be given pro-rata to any time lost.

The operator cannot be held responsible for any failure to provide a service of supplies or equipment if the operator has no control over the circumstances which may withhold all or part of the supply such as accidents, traffic issues en-route to the venue, venue issues or the delay in operating the unit for any reason.

In the event that the operator has no option but to fail in the supply of equipment hire and supplies in whole or in part, which are the responsibility of the operator, any monies paid will be reimbursed as soon as possible and in all cases, within 10 days of the planned date.

Failure to supply due to the venue or client issues will not result in a refund..

Damage or loss of guests items

Focus Booth or the operator cannot be held responsible for the damage or loss of users property.
The operator is sometimes asked by guests to look after their belongings,


The operator will provide a copy of its insurance liability should the venue request one.

Acceptance Of Terms & Conditions

The hirer agrees that in providing a booking form and the payment of at least a deposit, the hirer accepts these terms and conditions.

If you require any clarification please just ask. If you have any other questions about the photo booth hire terms & conditions please  contact us

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