Silent Disco technology has also been used for “Silent Cinema” events, including film launches and even rooftop cinemas. An innovative way to host a private silent screening in a public area without generating any noise.

As we can cater to events big and small, no matter what your requirements we can meet them and guarantee 100% satisfaction. When you book with  Focus Events Silent Disco  you are not just booking a DJ act, but rather a complete package and service. We provide helpful advice, equipment


Silent disco hire

Silent disco has much in common with a regular disco or party, with one noticeable difference…there’s no music! That is until you put on a pair of headphones… Then you share in the experience of listening to up to 3 styles of music or  bands playing at the same time, in the same room.

There is no horrible sound clash! Each pair of headphones has 3 channels chosen by a simple switch on the side of the headset, allowing you to choose your preferred choice of DJ/music.

we offer both hosted silent discos or dry hire 

Our easy to use equipment  delivered to your venue all you need to do is plug in your audio source 



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