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The Brand New Selfie Wizard

Our new selfie wizard

this could be the best thing possable to add to your event

Introducing the latest, State of the Art Party fun – Selfie Wizard!

Forget hashtag printing – that’s so last year! Check out the latest and greatest piece of tech from Focus Booth, the Selfie Wizard. This amazing gadget allows guests at your event to upload photos direct from their own mobile phones to display on a TV Slideshow and there is also the option to produce instant prints. Think about it, not only will you have your formal photos to look back on but you will also have the day captured from your friend’s point of view too – fantastic memories! This is the modern day equivalent of ‘Disposable Cameras on Tables’

For your guest..Works with any smart phone and a wide range of other mobile devices.

No apps to install or special software to download.

Simple, intuitive and quick to use.

Instant shows on our Screen.

Instant Prints (optional).


For the event host.

Added Entertainment.

Digital copies of all images.

Duplicate of all Prints (optional)


*Call for discount deals when you book with one of our photo booths.


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