Comedy Hypnosis Show

Bored with the usual party entertainment and looking for something different?

How would you like your guests, and their unconscious minds, to become the stars of the show?

Welcome to your new reality!

Our highly interactive stage hypnosis show creates a uniquely memorable experience that your guests will be talking about for years.

What is a comedy hypnosis show?

It’s a fun filled, giggle-fest and is designed to generate audience participation. A hypnosis show is sure to have you and your guests laughing as your friends become the life and soul of the party in hilarious sketches.

The performance begins with a brief and interactive introduction to hypnosis that gets everyone excited to be a part of the show then volunteers are invited to take a seat on stage and more people will usually want to volunteer than are necessary. Once suitable subjects are chosen they are rapidly hypnotised into a natural, deeply relaxed state – then the fun really begins!

The show can be tailored to suit your particular event and guests, this can be anything from weddings and birthdays to universities (great for graduations), all the way to corporate events including team building.

Hypnosis is natural, safe and fun so get in touch now!





David Banfield hypnotist

David Banfield hypnotist


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