Cold fireworks

Our Indoor Cold Fireworks are perfect for adding sparkle to your big day or event and can be used for the bride and groom’s first dance, entrance or cake cutting even Awards ceremony or just to give the wow factor to your event.

They can be hired with any of our packages or on their own with one of our experienced operators. 

Cold Fireworks is a spark effect but without the downsides of pyrotechnics!

One of the most exciting features of this new technology is the flexibility to create effects that were once impossible, our cold fireworks can be used inside or outside your event

The cold fireworks can be controlled to independently control the height, volume, timing & duration of each machine.

Cold firework machine hire output is so cool it will not burn or set fire to anything.



Cold fireworks Product Features include:


  • Indoor / Outdoor usage
  • Very low smoke, dissipates fast
  • No strong pyro smell lUp to 10 minutes of shoot time per granules
    Fountain can shoot 90 second intervals
    Height – adjustable from 1 – 5 metres
    Adjust the density of fountain
    Easy set up multiple locations
    Sparkler effect from granules



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