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Sound & Light

Lighting System


You would be forgiven for thinking that the light shows that modern day DJs provide are a bunch of black boxes that throw out multicoloured light beams all over the function room. Well actually, you're not far wrong!


In todays industry there are an ever-increasing number of inferior products available at a low price. These are nothing short of a household bulb shining through a rotating crystal prism. These are fine for those who do not worry about quality and reliability, but this type of product is definitely not for us! We want to offer our clients something that little bit special, which is why we have invested heavily into our light shows. The lighting we use is usually found permanently installed in modern day nightclubs, and it is with this quality in mind that we designed our light shows.







Some people think that every speaker does the same thing and produces the same sound. Some people don't even think speakers are greatly important to the show. Great sounding music is only as good as the sound system that it's played through, we make sure that all our audio equipment is of the highest quality. Every aspect has been considered in our systems right from the CD player that reads the CD, to the amplifier that produces the signal and to the speaker that creates the sound.


We only use the proven best brands for our sound systems ElectroVoice. Every sound rig we use can be tailored to suit any venue, audience or music type. Currently we can cater for audiences as small as 40 and as large as 600! Of course there is more to a sound system than just the speakers! CD players, amplifiers, mixers and crossovers are just a few of the components our systems comprise of. As you would expect we only use the best equipment to ensure quality, and more importantly, reliability.


With any one of our sound systems you can be assured of a warm and crisp sound.