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Our Online tool to help your plan your event

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We are dedicated to giving all our clients  full and unlimited control of your event, after all it is your function.Below are some screen shots of our event planner, every client gets there very own unique login, you can choose your music, we can also get  your guest involved and let them pick some of there favorite songs too of course you have the final say.  



This is your first login screen with a countdown to your event

This is your music manager you can add you songs look at your guest request and add notes to the songs.

This is were you select your music by either artist or song title, we have even added the top hits from the 50s to today, and we have a great wedding list too,  to give you a little idea of the most popular songs don't worry if you haven't got the time  to choose your own songs we will be more than happy to do it for you

As you select your music you can preview it, add  more to the list or delete it we have 3 main categories Love it, Hate it, Like It we think they speak for them selfs below we have a live version for you to try please click on the link below.

This is how it looks with the song notes etc

Open our Live Demo Here