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Our uplighting can make any venue look amazing. you may have heard of its over name  mood lighting, it is extremely popular for weddings as it can change the colour of the whole room with ease to match your chosen wedding colours. Whether you want a single colour or a combination of complimentary colours, our uplighters can create exactly the look you need.


More info about uplighting


Our uplighters use RGB colour mixing (the same as a computer screen) to create any colour from the colour wheel below:

Mood Lighting & Uplighting Hire


Uplighting Prices when booking our DJ or Dancefloor Hire


4 x   uplighters       £50        Free Deleivery and collection

8 x   uplighters       £80

12 x uplighters       £110

16 x  uplighters      £140

24 x  uplighters      £200

Uplighting Prices Hired stand alone


4 x   uplighters       £50         Deleivery and collection  £75.00

8 x   uplighters       £80         Deleivery and collection  £75.00

12 x  uplighters     £110        Deleivery and collection  £75.00

16 x  uplighters     £140        Deleivery and collection  £75.00

24 x  uplighters     £200        Deleivery and collection  £75.00

all uplighting packages that are not booked with one of our DJ's or Dance floor hires require a £100 refundable Deposit We are unable to take orders of less than

£50 in total.

LED Cake Stand

Why not enhahance your cake with our LED Cake Table From £75.00