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Welcome to Wayne's Page

This is where you will find out a bit more about  me and some doggey back in the day disco photos,


if your not bored yet lets begin


I have been involved in the music industry for almost 30 years.  Ive done so much that it really is hard to remember everything! However ill try and give you some background on my music career.


I started my first mobile disco back in 1988 I actually did my own 18th birthday party in a pub in North london ( I know) that was the start of my entertaining bug.  I then went on to provide mobile discos for all sorts of occasions from weddings to birthdays and everything else in between.


I got my first break presenting radio during 1994 I presented shows on several small radio stations. Following this I went on to set up and run my own community radio station Town FM based in Enfield North London. We provided nearly four years of entertainment on the cable network broadcasting 24 hrs a day live. Town FM ran and took part in hundreds of outside broadcasts, the biggest event was the Alexandra Palace firework display which I hosted to over 65000 people.  Town FM applied to the radio authority for a licence unfortuatly  we were unsuccessful which was the reason I decided to sell the station.


After selling the station I moved to Portugal's Algarve and presented the breakfast show on the biggest radio station in the algarve Kiss FM.  I DJ'd most nights of the week in various bars and clubs, whilst this was a lot of fun in the sun I missed my family and the UK so after 18 months I moved back home.


Back home i got various jobs presenting on different radio stations Choice FM, Mercury, Horizon, Star to name just a few. Whilst this was and still is my passion it doesn't pay that well contrary to belief !!!!  

I had to get a job that paid well enough to cover my wifes shoe fetish!. I joined the London fire brigade in 2005 as a firefighter but missed the DJing side I decided to set up a company that offers more than most mobile disco companies, `Focus Disco'  mobile entertainment at its best was born.  Focus Disco really has grown from strength to strength, we now have 8 really good DJ's working for us, check out their pages


If you want to book or have a chat  9 times out of 10 you will be speaking to me, if your unlucky enough to call when I'm not about you may get Big Del


Hopefully you now know a little about be and have not fallen asleep!!!  if your looking for quality entertainment I look forward to hearing from you


wedding disco DJ Waynes first GIg Back in 1988 at the Hyde arms in Edmobton

This was my first gig back in 1988 i'm the one that looked like staviors

Ausin Powers Fancy Dress Disco

Me as Man of mystrery Austin Powers Fancy Dress Disco


This was my disco in 1988 check out the pin spots

dj wayne

Corporate Awards dinner 2012

Wayne has just done some filming for Holby City playing the part of DJ Terry Eagle it should be on your screens in the new year we will keep you posted Oct 2013

Video disco with hugh screen

IMG_2009 IMG_2460

Microlite flying lesson